Family Therapy

Interaction between members of your family is a complex phenomenon which is often entangled in misunderstanding and poor communication. There are a myriad of issues facing families today:

  • Is you teenager unresponsive?
  • Is your family upset by marital discord?
  • Does one member of the family seem to hold all of the power in your household?
  • Do you feel that your family is out of control?
  • Has alcohol or substance abuse affected your family?
  • Are you trying to find normalcy in the midst of your separation or divorce?
  • Is your blended family having difficulty adjusting to the new family composition?
  • Is the presence of a disability causing stress in your family?
  • Are you caring for aging parents?
  • Are your children or teenagers having behavior issues at home or in school?
  • Have you lost a loved one and are unsure of how to deal with everyone’s grief?

Let the therapists of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Therapy help your family get back on track toward a brighter future together. The Systemic approach of Family Therapy assures that each individual in your family is heard and understood, and that their needs are integrated into the family schema. Everyone wins in family therapy!

Couple Therapy

Building a loving, trusting relationship takes a lifetime of effort. When two individuals join to become a couple they each bring their own set of beliefs and family traditions which must be blended to become a new family unit. Transitions can be challenging and these challenges may surface in the beginning or years down the road. A successful couple is one able to communicate without attacking their partner even in the midst of disagreement or negotiation.

At Cornerstone Marriage & Family Therapy we strive not only to help uncover solutions to your difficulties, but more importantly, to provide you with the building blocks for the future of your relationship. If you feel stuck we will work with you to become unstuck. Together we can build strong communication skills to resolve misunderstandings which often lead to deep hurt. Where there is mistrust, we will help you rebuild trust. Where there is a lack of intimacy, we will work with you to reignite the spark from which intimacy flows.

Lasting change does not happen overnight but our brief, strength-focused approach will provide you with a safe, therapeutic space where you will each be heard and understood in an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable expressing your deepest needs and concerns.

Individual Therapy

People often make the difficult decision to come to therapy when they feel defeated by the challenges of life. The approaches you may have used to improve your situation have not helped and you may not know what else to do. We help our clients navigate through trying times utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches to address the individual needs of each client.

We offer positive, strength-based therapy, focusing on the goals each individual brings into each session. It can be difficult to remain positive during difficult times, including but not limited to:

  • Major life transitions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Communication
  • Addiction
  • Social challenges
  • Career changes
  • And much more...

The role of Cornerstone Marriage & Family Therapy is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can uncover hidden strengths you possess, explore new solutions and provide the support needed to move forward in life.

Patricia Jensen,  LMFT, CCTP, PC

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